Slate + Salt: Artisan Tradition Meets Modern Design

Justin Carroll-Allan

Slate + Salt showcases the work of innovative and hard-working makers around the world who are devoted to their creations; makers who stay true to their vision, culture, and craft in a modern setting. These artisans provide the one of a kind pieces curated in Slate + Salt’s collection, and in so doing, gain access to dignified working opportunities in areas plagued by extreme poverty. Slate + Salt is also devoted to preserving ethical standards and supporting the Fair Trade movement––in other words, they’re a perfect fit for Faire.

Lyndsay founded Slate + Salt after traveling the world. Like Faire’s founder, she was moved by the quality of artisan crafts created by the people in the many places she visited, and wanted to create a place where their skills could be showcased on a larger scale.

She knew that the quality of these hand-crafted goods were worlds better than the mass-produced shlock manufactured in giant, faceless factories, so she decided to try and bring a wider customer base to the rural settings where artisans live.

Slate + Salt features a wide variety of jewelry, handbags, housewares, and more, all of which are created by artisans schooled in the traditional techniques of their own unique culture.



Take, for example, the Rhombus Warrior Bracelet, made with classic white and black glass beads. It’s both elegant and bohemian—something that would look at home in a Michelin-rated restaurant or flailing on the wrist of a twenty-year-old crowd-surfing their way through Coachella.

Or, take the Handloomed Chevron Cashmere Scarf, which is soft, cozy, and just stunning; exactly the kind of thing you might see Brad Pitt wearing in GQ. These products weren’t made by Anthropolgie or Hugo Boss––the bracelet was made by hand in Arusha, Tanzania by Sidai Designs, based on traditional Massai beading techniques as part of a mission to empower Massai women through Fair Trade.



The Handloomed Cashmere Scarf was made in Pokhara, Nepal by blind, deaf, or otherwise disabled weavers. Slate + Salt partners with a local non-profit organization that provides these weavers with the support and training necessary to make a living through their craft.



The real take away here––and the best thing about Slate + Salt––is that each one of the products sold in their dynamic collection has a story; one worth telling and preserving. That’s why they exist: to give makers an artistic voice, and a platform through which they can find customers who care about where their products come from.

Slate + Salt is working hard to bring Fair Trade to more and more people, and their work is introducing the world to new cultures and creators worth supporting. Check them out today.



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