Headquartered in Austin, Texas, Faire™️was founded to promote and expand Fair and Ethical Trade practices by exclusively selling ethically sourced items online.

Faire.Shop™️(our marketplace) is a tool for sellers of ethical products from all over the world to connect with new customers in new markets––and for online shoppers everywhere to make a difference with their dollar. 

As an alternative to the status quo in Big E-commerce and Fast Fashion, Faire is an effort to change the way people everywhere think about, and respond to, global poverty—and to change the way we buy stuff online everyday.

Ethically sourced products are not about charity.  They are about story telling, empowerment, sustainability, shared prosperity, and community; they're about humanity and origins, global issues, and the currency of culture. 



Faire's Mission is to provide prosperity that multiplies, products and services that inspire, and awareness that transforms.  


A world without extreme poverty. A world, in other words, where every person can thrive in a dignified, economically sustainable way.


Our name - Faire - may look and sound like the "fair" in "fair trade", but it's actually a common French word. Faire means "to make" or "to do." It's a way to remember the human beings behind the things we need, and buy, every day. Faire's Shops are the crucial link between conscious customers in growing markets everywhere, and the communities behind the ethically made products they sell.

We think our name is a way to remember that when we do what's right, we can make anything possible.

As a start-up, Faire is a "pending b corp," and en route to full B Corp. status. Certified B Corporations are third party certified mission-driven companies built to harnesses the power of private enterprise for public benefit.



 Our 7 Core Principles of Ethical Production––the Ethical Trade principles we want to promote and uphold at Faire––are the comprehensive ethical guidelines for production that any seller operating a shop in our marketplace has to meet.

They are derived from leading organizations like the World Fair Trade Organization (WFTO) the Ethical Trading Initiative, and the United Nations’ only tripartite agency to date, the International Labour Organization (ILO). You can read more about our ethical trade principles, and what they mean, here.


At Faire, we believe that we have the choice to ensure that what we buy doesn't harm the people who made it - or, the planet that we all share. Our marketplace will write the next chapter in a global movement because we're bringing together consumers everywhere and the numerous ethical brands growing the Etho-Economy. We hope you'll help us do it.