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Air Earrings

    A pair of modern earrings, handmade from Sterling Silver and 14K Gold in our New York studio. These unique earrings add a modern touch to any outfit. Every earring is made individually, so shapes may differ slightly from each other. These earrings will be made for you after the order is placed.

    Seller Story: Siizu was founded at the intersection of affordability and sustainable fashion. Our sourcing team has traveled extensively in order to partner with some of the most trusted manufacturers in the industry. Our ethical partners are based in Japan, China, Mongolia, and the USA. Our eco-friendly materials are 100% natural and organic, and 100% sustainably grown - containing no polyester or toxins. 10% of each purchase you make is given to American Forest to restore wildlife habitats. 


    • Sterling silver/ Silver Silver + 14K Gold Plated
    • Approx 15mm x 10mm

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