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Buppha Earrings - Thailand Collection

Seller Story: Masshii is a sustainable women accessories brand in El Salvador which trains, empowers and provides fair employment opportunities for women with disabilities in El Salvador.  More than 95% of our raw materials are derived from waste.  We collect and transform waste materials, providing them a second life and reviving artisanal techniques, to unique and multicultural pieces with exclusive designs, creating in this way, environmental and social consciousness through fashion.  

Product Description: Buppha [(bup'-pa) in Thai, means Flower].  These PET bottle shaped flowers outlined with plated recycled electric cable is are inspired by Thailand’s majestic temples, especially in the importance and significance of the lotus flower in their culture, which represents feminine beauty and pureness of spirit. The materials used in these earrings are: plated recycled electric cable, PET bottles and beads.  Each piece is unique, and completely handmade. [Diameter: 6cm.  Variations may exist.]

Details: CARE: Each piece is completely handmade, variations may exist.  Special care is needed with all our products due to the materials used to make them.  Pieces can get wet but not soaked.  After use or after getting wet, carefully clean each piece with a small cotton cloth to get rid of any dirt or humidity to preserve shine in plated parts and conserve protection in paper parts.  

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