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Chomper Chalkā„¢

    A natural toothpaste alternative handmade with baking soda, coconut soap, activated charcoal, and rebiana (for sweetened option). Dramatically cleans and whitens teeth while detoxifying and deodorizing mouth and gums, without the harmful chemicals found in traditional oral products. A tiny bit goes a very long way - our two-ounce jar is a 6+ month supply.

    Seller Story: The Crunchy Chemist is operated out of a nomadic RV where former aerospace scientist, Blake, lives with his family. After years of working in nanotechnologies, he followed a dream off the beaten path and started using his knowledge in chemistry to make reactions in natural skincare. All products are handmade with four or fewer ingredients.

    Use: DO NOT use in conjunction with another toothpaste, toothpowder, or mouthwash. Our Chomper Chalk™ Toothpaste Replacer is a complete oral hygiene product that is designed to leave your teeth with the optimum surface chemistry for fast tooth remineralization and lasting whiteness. Other oral hygiene products may alter this intended surface chemistry and interfere with the results.

    Packaging: Greywater Safe & Biodegradable, BPA-Free & Phthalate-Free Packaging, All Shipping Materials Compostable & Recyclable

    Read the Science Behind Chomper Chalk here.

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    Out of Stock