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Deep Treat™ + pH Balancer

    A natural and versatile mask for skin & hair. The combination of our Deep Treat™ and pH Balancer creates a body-mimicking blend of waxes, oils, and fatty acids that physically seals inside your skin & hair. Our unique two-step process seals the nourishment inside outer layers of skin & hair while simultaneously restoring your body's natural pH, all with organic & food grade ingredients. A little bit goes a very long way, especially for hair.

    Seller Story: The Crunchy Chemist is operated out of a nomadic RV where former aerospace scientist, Blake, lives with his family. After years of working in nanotechnologies, he followed a dream off the beaten path and started using his knowledge in chemistry to make reactions in natural skincare. All products are handmade with four or fewer ingredients.

    Packaging: Greywater Safe & Biodegradable, BPA-Free & Phthalate-Free Packaging, All Shipping Materials Compostable & Recyclable

    Read the science behind Deep Treat™ + pH Balancer here

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