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DHYANA - Vetiver Grass Meditation Mat

Seller Story:  Deivee is an Indian owned and operated fitness company. The brand was created to cherish the ancient Indian tradition of yoga while accommodating modern Indian lifestyles. The founders also saw a need for ethical activewear. Every garment is produced with sustainable and eco-friendly textiles and supports Fairtrade jobs for Indian women, including hearing and speech impaired weavers. 

Product Description: A meditation mat handcrafted with the dried roots of Vetiver grass. Treated with a natural rubber treatment for improved grip. The grass has a rich Indian history, and its distinct aroma and texture alleviate scenes for a blissful meditation. Great for indoor or outdoor use. Your purchase supports Fairtrade jobs for underprivileged communities in India. 

Details: Weight : 900 gm Dimensions: 50.8 X 76.2cm Thickness: 4 mm