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Dirt rich grande tin candle- 5 OZ

Seller Story: Objects with Purpose is operated in California by a husband and wife and their small team that has become like family. The founder, Ianthe, has had a lifelong tradition of lighting candles as a way of "setting intentions, manifesting love and good health." Setting intentions with the flame of a candle is an ancient practice that transcends many social, economic and spiritual boundaries and traditions. After finding toxins in the ingredients of store-bought candles, she made her own line of candles with all-natural butter and extracts. The locally-sourced and fragrant ingredients are as good for your nose as they are for skin--go ahead, rub some on for a solid perfume or body butter. Portions of each purchase are donated to non-profits that focus on community storytelling.

Product Description: Enjoy our special blend of magical spices in our Dirt Rich Wood & Vine candle, handmade and poured with our vegan coconut wax.  Set your intentions by lighting each candle, and enjoy the scent all day long by rubbing our formula right on your wrists. Even use as a warm massage oil. This candle is reminiscent of the richest soil, cedarwood, and tomato vine with the strongest notes to evoke feelings of magical quests and dreamy gardens. Your purchase supports community storytelling non-profits.