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Mimi Clutch


Mimi means 'baby' and is a lovely nick name for the smallest among us. Since the Mimi Clutch is one of our smallest bags and has to be carried around fondly, she deserved a name that describes that purpose.

The purpose of the Mimi

The Mimi Clutch is the result of combining high quality ethiopian leather and craftwomanship. Like all our products she is made in our manufactury in by hand and follows a simple yet beautifully classic design. Mimi is the perfect companion to take to a party or a dinner out, she can hold your make-up, mobile phone and keys - all the essentials you need to take with you.

Product Features

  • Outer dimensions: 30cm (height) x 18cm (width) x 6cm (length)
  • A Zipper closes the bag

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