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No Slack Pant | Black 

A chino inspired jogger, handmade in America with recycled material. A slim fit that makes stylish comfort easier than ever. Versatile enough to wear after workouts or around town. A comfortable and lightweight sweatshirt handmade in America with hemp and recycled materials. Your purchase provides fair wage jobs and contributes to less textile waste and more environmental sustainability. Model is 5'11 and wearing a medium. 

Seller Story: Kozm is a B-Corp brand designed and manufactured in the United States. We started the brand to break stigmas around yoga while creating functional wear that aligns with ethical yoga principles, like Karma. We’re fully committed to building our products with the most sustainable materials available. We’ve partnered with Recover textiles because they upcycle used cotton clothing and cut and sew scraps into quality yarns using 99% less water. Their upcycle process also uses NO reactive dye chemicals and has an exceptionally low carbon output. We’ve also partnered with The Renewal Workshop to refurbish our old products for new life, or recycle them; anything but send them to the landfill. Our products are crafted in the USA, in small batches, by fairly paid workers. 

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