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Pleased to meet me - a cuff

solid sterling silver - with each letter of the lyrics to sympathy for the devil individually hand set. a labor of love/insanity. and simultaneously therapeutic. while absolutely readable, it is more about the rhythm and pattern. and magic of the words. you may (or may not) remember the belt buckle we did of a very similar nature. as have progressed since last november, these words have rattled around in my head continuously. so. for the times. and a nod to the puppet master. a little over two inches tall - and can be adjusted to a variety of wrist sizes. if you have a moment, check this out. (from our blog:) sympathy for the devil. not much needs to be said about this song. the words are amazing, and the whole thing ridiculously rhythmic. internal rhyme, external rhyme, the ground covered, the suggested and the obvious. awesome. i spent a lot of time looking at the various video versions and this is by far my favorite. i mean, speaking purely of the fashion i think i was born in the wrong era. it’s too much.