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PURAYRE Plug-In Ionic Air Purifier & Air Sanitizer: 110 Volt USA Model

PURAYRE Plug-In Ionic Air Purifier & Air Sanitizer: 110 Volt USA Model


OdorBar™ Everlasting Hand Odor Removal Soap removes hand smell & hand odor without harsh chemicals with. Hands odor just doesn't stand a chance! This eco-friendly hand odor remover really works & it lasts forever. This hand deodorizer soap is also safe, non-toxic & odorless.

Features & Benefits

  • Removes onion, garlic, seafood, meat, smoke, gas, ect. odors
  • Removes hand odors instead of masking with fragrances
  • Never loses its odor eliminating power & lasts forever
  • Safe, environmentally friendly, non-toxic, odorless
  • To use, just rinse hands under cold water with OdorBar™
  • Made in USA

Eliminate Hand Odors with Everlasting Eco-Friendly Hand Deodorizer

Purify & Deodorize the Air You Breathe without Harmful Chemicals

The PurAyre™ Ionic Air Purifier & Odor Remover uses state of the art electrostatic technology to continuously purify the air of harmful allergens such as dust mites, pollen, fungal spores, viruses, bacteria, mold, pet dander, smoke and more. It will trap particles as small as 1 micron and eliminate nasty odors instead of masking them with fragrances. Isn't it time you did something about the quality of air you breathe?

This attractive, discrete, light weight and cordless air purifier plugs directly into any outlet so there are no messy wires. It does not use any floor or shelf space and uses very little power so it is very cost effective. As an added bonus, this product does not have any expensive filters to change and has a convenient night light which casts an unobtrusive soft glow for safety. The silent PurAyre™ Ionic Air Purifier & Smell Remover can be effectively used to purify and deodorize the air in any area while reducing your carbon footprint.