Sampoorna - Banana Fiber Yoga Mat


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Sampoorna - Banana Fiber Yoga Mat
Sampoorna - Banana Fiber Yoga Mat
Sampoorna - Banana Fiber Yoga Mat

What does a wholesome yoga experience feel like? It feels like what the Sampoorna Yoga mat has to offer. Sampoorna Yoga Mat provides a natural thermal balance and acupressure stimulation. The banana fiber in the mat regulates and maintains the body temperature all through the workout session.  The fiber in the mat is extracted from the stem of the plant and uses over 300 meters of it to weave a single mat. The mat goes through a unique natural rubber treatment that offers superior grip along with an anti-slip finish.

Each tassel visible in the mat is hand woven by rural craftsmen. By choosing the Sampoorna Yoga Mat, you chose a Sampoorna style for your home/yoga practice, as well as support a rural community to earn a respectable livelihood.


Weight: 400 grams

Dimensions - 69 X 182cm

Thickness- 4.5 mm 

Wash Care:

Wipe the mat with a wet cloth when dirty.

Dry the mat properly before rolling it back.

Do not machine wash.

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