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Silk Button Scarf

Made by a women's cooperative in Northern Morocco

Ends tassled in hand knotted silk buttons

Cotton body

Approximately 68" x 56"

This technique for knotting silk buttons was developed hundreds of years ago by Moroccan Jews. When the Jews were expelled from Spain in the 1490's, thousands fled to northern Africa and lived peacefully with the indigenous population for hundreds of years. They became important contributors to the culture and economy, and developed a technique for hand knotting buttons used on men's clothing. At one point, over 250,000 Jews lived in Morocco, but most left the country in the 1940's with the creation of the state of Israel. Only about 5,000 practicing Jews remain in the country. The button-making handicraft they had created was dying out until Amina, who started this women's cooperative in the Northern mountains, picked it up. She now teaches local women the technique and they use it to create decoritive feminine accessories.

Your purchase directly supports this women's collective working to empower rural women in the Atlas Mountains of Morocco.

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