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Sleeveless V-Neck Top

Seller Story: Ankura is a sustainable fashion brand, started to bring the beauty of traditional Peruvian designs and textiles to the international market. All collections are made with certified, handpicked, organic cotton and alpaca fur--a cruelty-free, eco-friendly (and luxurious) alternative to wool and cashmere. Ankura partners with artisans from rural communities and local workshops in Perú, mostly mothers, who are paid a salary above the national average. To ensure sustainable production, the team abides by the World Fair Trade Organization’s (WFTO) Code of Practice.

Product Descriptions: A high-quality sleeveless v-neck top, knitted with 100% organic and Peruvian Pima Cotton. Perfect for summer weather, or layered with a long-sleeve for all-year wear. Model wears XS. Your purchase can make a difference in the mothers that work to deliver this piece in an exclusive and dedicated process.

Care: Dry clean only, do not bleach or wring. Lay flat to dry. 

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