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Soul Atlas Reversible One-Piece Swimsuit

Crystalline dreams and butterfly beams inspire the art of navigating and embracing the never-ending cycle of transformation. Butterflies trust untested wings to fly after shapeshifting and simultaneously bursting into color, ready to drink from flowers and flutter through life at leisure. They remind us there is power and grace in trust and vulnerability. Take the leap, face what you fear with love in your eyes. Butterfly eyes consist of thousands of individual lenses, allowing them to see a multifaceted view of reality. They see in an ultraviolet spectrum of light that humans can’t detect. Floating on the subtle nuances of life and embracing the winds of change in their pursuit of nectar, the butterfly has perfected the art of dancing with circumstance and winking at the challenge, stretching it’s wings as the earth blossoms.

This reversible suit is designed to let you shine your light like the beautiful butterfly. This suit features cheeky coverage in the back, a mid-rise neckline, and beautiful artwork in collaboration with Los Angeles artist AMP.

84% OEKO-TEX Certified Recycled-PET + 14% Spandex
4-Way Stretch 
Quick Drying
Moisture Wicking 

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