VAJRA - The World's Best Yoga Mat


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VAJRA - The World's Best Yoga Mat
VAJRA - The World's Best Yoga Mat
VAJRA - The World's Best Yoga Mat
VAJRA - The World's Best Yoga Mat
VAJRA - The World's Best Yoga Mat

Sambu is a natural cooling grass that has its origin from India. This intrinsic yoga mat is made by a 65-year-old man (as seen in the image) who has held on to the traditional form of mat making using antique hand powered loom. Vajra mat is a by-product of numerous trials and errors and stands true to its name.

The synergy of the time-honored skill and modern design and innovation makes way for the anti-skid technology that makes the mat one of it's kind. The mat is made of natural cotton and goes through a unique natural rubber treatment that offers superior grip along with an anti-slip finish. It is completely non-toxic, eco-friendly and 100% biodegradable and each mat takes about a week to be created from scratch.

Size: One size 68.5 x 180.3cm

Thickness:- 4.5 mm

Color: Beige

Weight: 1200 gms

Benefits & Features 

  • Natural/ Organic
  • Handwoven
  • 100% non-toxic, 
  • Non-Slip, skid resistance
  • 5mm thickness
  • Eco friendly & Bio degradable
  • Excellent cushion, support & stability
  • Exceptional resilience and durability

The mat is made entirely from Sambu grass and Cotton fiber that keeps you close to earthy elements instead of inhaling all the toxic chemicals found in cheap PVC yoga mats. 

 The mat is treated with an innovative anti-skid technology that will provide you with optimum stability while performing advanced yoga asanas.

 Its high thickness density is designed to protect your muscles and joints by giving you adequate cushion and comfort.

 A 65 years old artisan weaves this Mat for you in his old hand powered loom in rural Tamil Nadu. Buying this mat brings you an opportunity to support old artisans keep traditional art alive and earn a respectable livelihood ."

Unisex - Mats and Mat bags are for both men & women

Wash Care

Wipe the mat with a wet cloth when dirty 

Dry the mat properly before rolling it back.

Do not machine wash.

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